Product development

Our complex product development service has been brought to life to cater for the needs of our clients. Besides circuit design, we undertake to develop products from the idea to production, providing the background based on engineering, embedded software development and project management.

Mechanical engineering and design as well as prototyping and mass production is carried out involving our partners.

Our team of embedded software developers provide the development of drivers and applications running on microcontroller and Linux based circuits designed by us.

In order to help the products get to the market as fast as possible, we participate in the CE certification process and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing of products as well as in high-level functional testing.

PCB design

One of our main profiles is the highly expertise based pcb design. Our prepared team of engineers and up-to-date software ensure that we are able to carry out the professional design of even the most complex circuits. By taking aspects of manufacturability into account to the highest extent, circuits designed by us comply with the highest level of technical requirements and are cost effective to manufacture.


We provide prototyping and mass production of the most complex PCBs (mikrovia, flexible, 75 μm fineness) at our domestic, European and Asian manufacturing partners within a short deadline and at a competitive price.

We work together with the domestic component placing firms that undertake to manufacture prototypes and mass produce circuits. Production deadline for moderately complex placed prototypes is 2 to 4 weeks.

Embedded software development

In the field of embedded software development, we provide microcontroller firmware and embedded Linux based development.

We took part in microcontroller firmware (ST, PIC, AVR) development. Tasks implemented most often:

  • Bluetooth LE/3G/WiFi/Ethernet communication,
  • GPS positioning,
  • sensor fitting (e.g. temperature, accelerometer, pH),
  • medical signal processing (e.g. skin impedance, ECG, PPG),
  • management of (industrial) serial protocols,
  • motor control,
  • battery and charging control.

Our team of embedded Linux developers provide the low-level driver layer (Board Support Package, BSP) when more complex multi-core processors (iMX6, Allwinner) are used.

Main areas of competence: build environments, hardware-near programming, system monitoring services, WiFi and video streaming.

Functional testing

We have developed a Linux based test environment for the cost effective testing of modern interfaces (e.g. HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB).

The testing process consists of two components, the test running on the target circuit and a test script environment running on a host PC, which ensures production testing for complex circuits.

Functional testing can be integrated with a database and generates HTML/PDF based reports.

EMC measurement/CE

For a product to become marketable, it has to go through several compliance tests after the prototype is done. In case of European distribution, it has to obtain CE certification, and you can count on the complex help of our company in this.

Our engineering office supports compliance with the requirements of the standards related to the necessary directives, especially electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing.

Preliminary tests our carried out in our pre-compliance laboratory. Compliance testing according to standards are done in domestic certified laboratories.

Furthermore, we are available for special (e.g. radio, safety of life) compliance tests as well.


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